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I want a replicator now Aug. 2nd, 2011 @ 09:05 am
Something I hadn't realised, until I started sketching and drawing constantly, is that standard pencils don't actually have quite consistent density in their graphite leads. The softer spots that are momentarily darker and smearier, the harder spots that catch on the paper and are momentarily harder and sharper - they're not really noticable if you're using the pen for writing, or even if you're sketching in lines.

If you're using it for shading, though... it's noticable.

Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils (at the steep, steep price of AU$1.94 inc. GST each, bought separately) don't seem to suffer from this problem, but I only have one, a B, and the extras I ordered in a range of grades haven't arrived yet. So for all my other grades I'm stuck with a mix of Columbia Copperplates and Staedtler Traditions, which just aren't as good. (Previously, I have selected pencils on the basis of: "It's a pencil, other than softness rating, what's the difference?")

Also, Lumographs are awesome because they have the grade stamped on *every side* around the base end of the pencil, so you don't have to pick them up, find the side where it's actually written, and peer at the tiny letters to work out which one it is.

Meanwhile I need another icon for art-related posts where I remember to change the icon. This one depicts a random doodle on a page of Linguistics notes, all done in ballpoint pen. (Even if the keyword I'm using is "creativity!".)

But then, I need to clean up my existing icons and make a bunch more at some point anyway. Seriously, this is a seed account, I get all the shiny DW features, and I basically never use them...
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