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wot I done tonight Aug. 29th, 2009 @ 09:50 pm
... I went and watched the rugby.

Wallabies vs Springboks at Subiaco Oval.  AWESOME GAME.  Very glad I went.

Did discover a down side to the ban on smoking within the stadium - while I breathed blessedly fresh air throughout the match, all the addicts light up th emoment they leave the stadium, which made the walk out kind of annoying.

Although less annoying than the dude who stuck his face in my camera just as I was taking a picture (spoiling the shot, and by the time he'd moved the moment I wanted to capture was lost), then made an "oooh - what a bitch" noise when instead of laughing at hilarious antics, I glared at him then returned my attention to my camera.


Other than that, a truly excellent experience.  I'd never been to a football game before, and I really enjoyed it - being part of the crowd, the cheers going up around me, and there's something shivery and powerful about singing with thousands and thousands of other people.  (This being Perth, there were a lot of South Africans in the crowd, and I wasn't alone in joining in singing Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika, and this being Perth, there were a lot of Australians in the crowd, so I was far from alone joining in singing Advance Australia Fair, although South Africa's is a much more moving national anthem.)

I won't spoil the match result until after it airs, though.

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