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I'm taking a lot of narcotic painkillers, I don't know what her excuse is supposed to be Jan. 6th, 2012 @ 09:38 pm
So, in idle conversation today, possibly partly inspired by the fact that I was beating up many mans in Arkham City challenges, [personal profile] velithya and I semi-plotted a moderately cracktastic DCU AU.

In this one, Tim Drake, rather than simply being a heroic young badass, is in fact a badass young supervillain.

The reasoning goes like this:

Tim Drake is sufficiently awesome that, while still a child, he successfully stalked the goddamned Batman until he'd learned pretty much everything about him - including details that Batman's legitimate supercriminal enemies have yet to work out.

Tim Drake, essentially, out-Batted the Bat before he was old enough to vote.

Which means he could be a terrifying villain.

Since we're dealing with events surrounding Teen Titan types, clearly it has to be Kon who takes him on. (And because we're fangirls and adore Timmy, he'll have to redeem him with the healing power of his cock good and true heart, etc.)

(You have no idea how long I hesitated about that sentence, because as a joke it amuses me - remember, narcotics - but my mother reads this occasionally.)
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