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Further adventures with peathings May. 25th, 2009 @ 03:38 pm
Rough couple of days. But I went in to uni today, so clearly it is time for Peafowl Adventures: Photo Edition!

Not very good photos, sadly, because I left my camera at home, and in any case, I need to charge the batteries for it. And my laptop's webcam, which I used instead, has trouble with daylight. (But works very nicely indoors.)

The peatoddler I mentioned before is now very clearly a peakid. Look at this spunky youngster:

When I dubbed the peakid the peatoddler, it was maybe five inches high. I'd now say it's about ten inches high. feet to head-top, standing straight. Here's the peakid with the peamama:

Taking photos of a white peahen, outdoors, with a camera that dislikes daylight is a bit tricky, so this is the best shot I got of her:

And, because the other one wouldn't get out of the sunlight, two shots of just one of the peacocks:

Caption submissions are so needed for that second one. "Pea... what, you say?"

The two pealesbians appear to have broken up; if they haven't, they have a much more casual relationship than was on place when the two brown peahens were patently a couple. The brown ones wouldn't be parted. However, all three peahens and the peakid were chilling out together in a casual, relaxed manner as I was leaving the Dolphin Theatre, where I was taking the pictures... I know, because they were chilling on the exact path I needed to take to leave, and as I walked between them, the non-mama brown peahen blucked at me incredibly reproachfully.

"I'm sorry! I'm just going over there! I'm sorry!"
And then they all pointedly moved back a bit, away from the direction I was heading.

The peacocks were calmer, although one of them bitched at me when I stopped taking pictures of him. (No, really.) I didn't see either of them try to approach any of the peahens, so I didn't see whether trying to do so still gets them beaten up; in any case, the peadrama seems mostly to have settled down, but the peahens are VERY disapproving of interlopers.

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not *technically* a GIP May. 11th, 2009 @ 08:17 pm
So, today I:

- Discovered that I do not, in fact, have A Certain Medical Condition, the treatment of which required procedures sufficiently triggering to me that the first two times I did it I fainted and the third time I only didn't faint because I spent half an hour lying down and being kept talking by Vel'ithya. I don't have to do that any more so I WIN.

- Made several new icons for Dreamwidth. I have a seed account! I can always have many icons! I want many icons. There is this one, which is for my brain ferrets and also for when I want to throw a distraction, and also the following two, which may or may not have something to do with having spent some time in the last couple of days talking to people I thought were being very stupid:


Okay, I'm clearly, like, twelve, max, and I'll probably decide that's Really Not Me and either never use it or actually delete it, but still.

- Did I mention I don't have to do the Triggering Action of Doom any more? Seriously, so much win.

- Watched two peacocks having an argument. It goes like this:

*honk* warrrholololll!
*honk* warrrrhololololollll

Repeat variations while they glare at each other.

Meanwhile, there is clearly drama in the World of Peafowl at uni - the two brown peahens who were totally lesbians together appear to have broken up. One of them is now hanging out with the white peahen, and being all snuggly with her, while the other brown peahen is wandering around with a peatoddler.

So, either the peamama shagged one of the peacocks (but WHICH ONE? There are now two young peacocks, and the old one is nowhere to be seen!) and the other pealesbian ditched her faithless ass and shacked up with the white peahen, or the pealesbian ditched peamama for the white peahen (who was previously single) and peamama found solace in the arms wings of one of the peacocks.

Who she has subsequently ditched, given she doesn't let either of the peadicks (they're both jerks, honestly) come near her or the peatoddler. (She let me get closer to her baby than she lets either of the males get.)

Both the current pealesbians appear to be keeping their distance from peamama. So I think there's clearly dykudrama happening.

... I like watching the peafowl, okay?
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