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... Jun. 13th, 2010 @ 05:23 pm
So I haven't been working on my painting for the month since I got really sick. (Before that, I was working on an oil painting.) I decided today I'd get back to readiness for it - step one, cleaning all the dried paint off all my palette-type stuff.

Doing that, I just managed to get a blister on my thumb rubbing at the paint.

W.T.F. Shovels, axes, and metalworking equipment, I have never, ever had a blister. Blacksmithing, no blisters.

Other than burns, the only things in my life that have ever caused my hands to blister are these:

1) a walking stick

2) cleaning up paint.

Apparently the gentle life is the one thing my skin can't handle.

This is going to be irritating.

In other news of my health: Friday morning saw an amazing turnaround. Pretty much first thing, I saw my doctor, who remarked on how much better I was looking.

Less than an hour later, on the bus home, I was in a cold sweat, throwing up into a hastily-repurposed paper shopping bag, ready to spend two days feeling like I'd been hit by a car. (A feeling with which I am literally familiar.)

The trigger for the change: I decided, sadly, to buy a couple of books, and while I was at the register, a dude came up to buy a pen. Dude reeked heavily of marijuana; apparently I got enough exposure to set off my allergies.

Some people can get a contact high; I get contact severely ill.

Chas and Dean both commented that at least we can all be confident I won't turn to drugs.

I bitterly replied that I wasn't going to anyway. I would not be tempted by marijuana if I weren't allergic to it, I really wouldn't. I don't need to get violently ill if I pass too close to a stoner to maintain that aversion...
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