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If there were tickets left, I'd tell you to go see it Mar. 26th, 2009 @ 09:53 pm
So, tonight I went with my good friend [ profile] oliverm to go see Frankenstein.

Words can not express the sheer, awesome brilliance of the play. Avant-garde without being wanky in the slightest, brilliantly performed, brilliantly written, beautiful and powerful and totally awesome. Seriously.

I am so glad I went, and will gladly take the feeling of unpreparedness I'll have at tomorrow's workshop because I elected not to spend the spoons it would take to be fully prepared in favour of saving enough spoons to attend and enjoy the play. Because the play was awesome beyond the telling of it and I am going to squee so hard the next time I see Alexa.

The first scene of the play takes place in the foyer, a surprising and clever choice I almost ruined by exclaiming the name of the actress waiting to start the performance, which would have been BAD. Fortunately I realised that, actually, this was the play starting, and kept quiet. The audience follows the action into the theatre itself, where four people play a large cast, shifting from role to role smoothly and yet being totally recognisably different, and recognisable in each character.

The play then moves on at a steady, intense pace, not pausing for breath, but not too much for the audience to bear. I was absorbed from start to finish, despite it being evening when my ADHD meds are pretty much not there, only distracted a handful of times, and then only barely.

Fantastic. A stellar performance of a brilliant play by four very talented people, excellently directed. The only notable criticism I even have is that that room needs air-conditioning, towards the end it was getting a little stuffy.

Five stars.

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