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Today has very nearly been about six catastrophes so far... Oct. 10th, 2010 @ 07:47 am
So, this morning I have an Important Event to attend, related to a baby I know. Which I have also promised to film on behalf of his aunt, because she's out of the country on holiday (a holiday planned well before he was born, and indeed, before his forthcoming existence was confirmed).

So far:

Time got away from me, rather, until last night, around 2am, I realised a) that it was the tenth already and b) oh god it was 2am.

So, I set alarms and went off to bed.

Managed not to sleep through alarms or anything.

Now, in further fortunate news, as it turns out I *didn't* plan to ride there. I'm catching a ride with another of the baby's aunts.

This is fortunate because this morning it's raining quite a bit, and I would not have been *entirely* comfortable riding a motorcycle in the rain carrying my $2,000 video camera.

Speaking of the camera, the *next* bit of nearly-disastser? I'd carefully set out my tripod so I wouldn't forget it. What I almost did forget, until about two minutes ago, was the bracket to mount the camera to the tripod.


There's more, but I have to go now.

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