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whoa... Feb. 3rd, 2010 @ 11:04 am
So, I haven't been posting or reading much lately. Mostly due to a fairly comprehensive meltdown of late - not least affected by being out of ADHD meds and having run out, briefly, of antidepressants as well. And other stuff.

So, some brief comments:

1) Obama is awesome and I am glad I never quite stopped believing in him. More on several aspects of this later.

2) I bought the first season of Earth: Final Conflict and have been watching it with Chas. Man, so awesome, so many ways. My father has seasons 3, 4 and 5 on DVD, but season 2 still hasn't been released as far as I can tell. I am attempting to download it, but have only got 2.3% with an eta of "infinity" at the moment. This is sad for me.

3) Recently had some books arrive though. The Wipers Times, Tokyo Vice, Yakuza, The Defence of the Realm: The Authorised History of MI5, and The Have I Got News For You Guide To Modern Britain. Also my first issue of my subscription to Private Eye arrived. I have much reading to do.

4) I've taken up playing EVE Online. I'm enjoying it a lot; today though, had a surprisingly awesome moment just in game culture experience. See, EVE Online is a complicated game which requires a lot of reading and working stuff out and so on just to play it at all, and it's very sandboxy and undirected as well. It's got a steeper learning curve and a more grownup enjoyment curve than World of Warcraft (which, by the way, I played for several years and loved, and only quit when I wasn't really playing it with any of my real friends any more; I'm not saying WoW isn't actually pretty awesome), and produces a different mentality. (As does the fact that it's one game universe, and "content" is player-generated outside of game mechanics.)

A little while ago, someone in the Rookie Help channel referred to [an unwise activity] as leading to "getting gang raped". This sort of thing is, sadly, common in gamer circles.

He was immediately called up by the Interstellar Services Department rep (think moderator-type person in charge and on staff) to watch his language.

When he replied with "Huh? What did I say?" the ISD simply told him to reread his sentence, think about it, and, if he still didn't understand why it was offensive, contact the ISD for private conversation.

This? Is awesome.

5) Also awesome: I have ADHD medications (in adequate supply) for the first time in a number of months. I can think. I can breathe.
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