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I am bemused Mar. 18th, 2011 @ 12:40 pm
So, this morning I went to the pharmacy, but when I got there they weren't open. They would be open in a matter of minutes, though, so I went to the post office. I bought an envelope I needed and a couple of magazines.

One of the magazines is called "Archaelogical Diggings", and it's about what you'd expect it to be about - mostly.

I keep being taken aback, though, because in the first couple of articles, at least, it is weirdly Christian.

As in, an article that's more-or-less a profile of Nebuchadnezzar and the building of Babylon into a great city has several paragraphs summarising events from the book of Daniel that read like they're from a sermon.

Which would be weird enough, but there's also paragraphs like this:

Nebuchadnezzar lost his reason and for seven years lodged in the fields. Some may wonder why his subjects did not replace him on the throne, but many easterners have a superstitious regard for the maimed and insane. Some dwarfs in Egypt held positions of rank in the government.

Any volunteers to break down just how many things are wrong with that paragraph? Entirely [sic], by the way.

And then there's the editorial comment at the start, on the topic of "Hebron in the news". (Same man as wrote the Nebuchadnezzar piece - he's the "Editor-in-Chief".)

Talking about Abraham's burial cave:

Today a large building stands over the burial cave. Inside are some symbolic structures with the names of Abraham and his family on them. If this is the burial site, the bones would be in the cave beneath the floor of the building. There is a small opening in the floor but no one is allowed to enter. The only person who has ever been allowed to enter the cave was Edward, Prince of Wales, in the 1930s when he was on an official visit to the Middle East, but he left no record of what he saw there.

On one occasion when I visited the mosque I met an Israeli soldier who was guarding the mosque. He was standing beside the entrance to the cave and I fell into conversation with him. At one point he lowered his voice and confided to me that a few days previously he had descended through the hole and entered the cave. He was not prepared to tell me what he saw. Not being an archaeologist he would probably not have noticed anything significant. I cannot even be sure he was telling me the truth though he looked so furtive about it I think he was.

Emphasis mine.

I just. What.

AND one of the images in the magazine has the credit: "Photo by Gryffindor". Which is just weird too.
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