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dear USB ports: I hate you Dec. 15th, 2010 @ 07:45 am
So, my current laptop has three USB ports. 1 (front left; is a USB 3.0 port), 2 (back right), 3 (front right). (2 and 3 are USB 2.0.)

For no apparent reason, ports 1 and 2 stopped working. Anything plugged into them got USB power but the computer didn't recognise them as devices. (Tested with my mouse and a pocket hard drive.)

I've managed to fix port 1, by reinstalling the USB 3 drivers, but the others are proving more challenging.

Then I had to leave it for a bit, because I was going out, to the house of friends who are moving. I'm now writing this at their place. They're shifting stuff to the new place this morning; I'm supervising their infant son so they don't have to to try and juggle a four-month-old baby while they do their stuff-shifting.

I have, in this process, realised something about just how much I pretend to be a grownup.

While they were getting ready to leave, I was sitting on the couch with my laptop. (Baby is currently asleep.)

The instant they left, I moved to sit cross-legged on the floor instead, with my computer on the coffee table in front of me.

My non-grownupness is such that I STILL haven't adjusted to sitting in a proper chair. I find them just too boring.

... meanwhile, if this were Supernatural, I would be about to die horribly (although the baby would be fine, even if his cot ended up stained with my blood). The house is silent, and there's a weird noise coming from the ceiling.

This being reality, I'm pretty sure it's a possum or something in the roof, but in case I'm wrong: whoever finds my corpse and looks at my open laptop to find what happened, IT WAS IN THE CEILING.

Meanwhile again, in "that's going to be disconcerting" news: Heard a crying baby. Thought it sounded distant and not quite like baby J's cry, but went to check anyway; baby I'm supervising is fast asleep. Crying baby is presumably next door.

I am sitting here listening out for crying babies. Having the wrong baby cry is messing with my head, I feel like I should be checking on him even though I know he's fine and fast asleep and gah...

woooo Jan. 29th, 2010 @ 04:31 pm
So, I've been quiet for a few days, and have also not at all been reading LJ/DW, so I don't know what's going on in anyone's life unless I live with them. It's been a spectacularly rough week or so here, so.

Among other things, an irritation this week has been computer issues. My laptop Destiny is, for the time being, dead; total hard drive failure. This has been a contributing factor (along with some developments in hardware) to my buying a new laptop - not least because the i7 quad-core processors are now available on laptops at a non-hideous price, and now I don't need to get a desktop in order to be able to process video from my video camera, and suchlike tasks.

I am typing this from the third laptop we've brought home, because the first two had faulty drives too. (So far this one is fine, but it's from the same shipment, so I'm still slightly wary.)

On the bright side, this laptop is completely awesome. Among the seriously nifty features is that the processor's clocking is adjusted automagically to be at the level needed for current operations - thereby saving power when the computer doesn't need all that grunt - and it comes with a little desktop widget that tells you how fast the processor is running at the time. Base level is 1.60 GHz.

Now I just have to install everything and set it all up...

Meanwhile, I hear that Apple has called their tablet the iPad. methinks someone is too attached to a naming convention.

Computer/life update Aug. 15th, 2009 @ 01:40 pm
I do in fact appreciate the comments to my last post about this, and will reply eventually.

Correspondence is sort of falling behind - along with uni and other things - due to, well, mental health issues. Of the "so, last night I got as far as actually writing out a suicide note" variety. But everything worked out okay, I am okay, everybody is still coping, etc.

Anyway, my laptop.

I took it in to the service centre on Monday, where they gave me an estimate of "three or four days" for repair. This being Friday, I called around today to get an update. First I called the general tech support line, since I didn't have a number for the service centre, where the dude who answered said that no updates had been entered on the system, so he gave me the direct line to the service centre.

I called them, and the guy went and checked with the tech guys, and reported back:

- They're waiting for a new optical drive to arrive.
- They're still testing the motherboard, and may be waiting for a replacement for that, too.

Which suggests that yes, in fact, my motherboard had fried itself, which is consistent with the symptoms poor sick Destiny was having - first the audio jacks failing, then other things starting to misfire, and then total boot failure.

Bright side: odds are, my hard drive is fine, which means that I shouldn't have to repeat the work on it I'd already done. (But I still need to clean it up somewhat.)

Down side: I'm totally not getting my baby back before next week. (At the earliest, but I expect I *should* get it next week.)

I am assuming that the Asus service centre are competent to fix my Asus laptop and will be able to get fully compatible replacement parts for things like the motherboard. I am quite glad that the computer is still under warranty and I did nothing to *void* the warranty, because some reasonably significant components apparently need replacing.

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