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There's no accounting for taste Apr. 18th, 2012 @ 09:48 pm
- Biscuits (cookies to Americans)

A few weeks ago, [personal profile] velithya and I went to a Gluten Free Food Expo. At the Freedom Foods stall, we had an interlude with their rep - [personal profile] velithya recoiled from some Triple Treat Brownies biscuits, saying that they were totally disgusting. I protested that no, Triple Treat Brownies are great -

- at which point the rep grabbed a packet of Chocolate Blitz biscuits, and said, "You're thinking of these ones." We agreed, and [personal profile] velithya and I voiced our horror at how inedibly awful those biscuits are.

The rep agreed. "But," he said, "they're one of our biggest sellers."

His theory is that it's because they're chocolate biscuits that are nonetheless dairy, wheat, gluten AND egg-free - egg-free chocolate biscuits apparently being quite hard to come by.

Me, I'd live without. Those things are, to me, not so much "not as good as other biscuits" as "actively unpleasant".

But there's no accounting for taste.

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