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In which things are kind of okay today, unless the library printers crash Mar. 30th, 2009 @ 11:18 am
Category: Best of both worlds

My friend Bear works at SISO, the Student Internet Support Office, at uni. When I have a uni-network-related problem to sort out, I prefer to get Bear to do it, because I know him, and I trust his competence, but also because I know and love him and therefore am okay with handing him my beloved laptop and letting him fiddle with the settings. Touching my laptop is not something I'm comfortable letting strangers do. (Parse that sentence how you will, really.)

However, my favouritest time to do this is when I know he's in the SISO office, because then I get to see him, have a chat, break up the monotony of his workday some, and get my problem fixed by my friend while he's on the clock and getting paid for it.

This morning I went into the office at the same time as a random student, and was pleased that Bear directed the random student to the other SISO person on duty, so I got Bear to set my laptop up to print over the network. Hooray.

... A (male) student just walked past wearing a t-shirt that reads: "Attention Ladies, I Enjoy Grey's Anatomy".

No words.

I am now in the lecture room where my next class is. For my reference: DNE Experiment 1 begun today, 9:47am.

I love having a laptop, I have to say; this morning in passing through the library I walked past the usual queue of students waiting to use the library computers, laptop in hand, and then sat down for my lecture and was able to sit and go over my assignment here. (Couple of minor text edits, but I'm actually fairly happy with it. If my mark is terrible there was a fundamental problem with my understanding of the nature of the assignment.) All other value aside - for example, being desktop-reliant at home would currently be awkward and annoying in itself - it's wonderful having reliable computer access at uni, especially with all my own files and things on it.

Today's lecture is about the development of leisure. Interesting indeed. We only have one lecture instead of two today, so I get an extra hour I'd forgotten about to do my work today. Awesome. (I have a lot to get done today.)
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