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Things Jun. 30th, 2009 @ 08:07 pm
So, yes, I got my camera today.

I am thrilled, but very tired which quells my ability to squee. I slept badly last night, not least because it was very windy, and something was banging and thudding around on the roof.

That "something" turns out to have been part of the TV antenna - part of it's broken off, and is hanging by the connector cable, Chas says.

Fortunately, no-one in this house is particularly dedicated to watching television. Our computers still work, as does the DVD player; we're fine. (And in my case: so do my guitar, amp, camera and reference books, so I am fully occupied and entertained.)

Apparently I have already acquired a reputation at the camera shop - the guy who totalled all my bits etc was disbelieving that my card would work (I had verified in advance that it would), but when I said it would, one of the people who was there when I went on Saturday jumped in: "Trust her, she has everything worked out."

I suspect a lot of customers come in with less of an idea of what they want, given the surprised and impressed reactions I got when I walked in having already worked out exactly what I wanted to buy, and just asked for those items. (I did get various accessories and things that I hadn't specifically picked out, but those are minor things, like UV filters and so on.)

I did add one item I hadn't really been planning to get when I shopped: a proper tripod. This was a tiny part of the total cost of my camera gear, but was by far the most annoying item to carry home.

Pictures taken with it will definitely be forthcoming, but at the moment I'm still working on how to get the most out of it.

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