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More on basketball: why I have a favourite NBA team and it's from a town I don't care about at all May. 20th, 2014 @ 11:11 am
So my housemate is into basketball, and somewhat follows the NBA. I vaguely follow his following it, and I have something of a favourite team at the moment.

It's the San Antonio Spurs, and when my housemate was catching me up on which teams he was following when he was inviting me to watch some playoff games with him (me not having watched any basketball since the last playoffs), he reminded me which team it was by reminding me it was the team with Sad Puppy.

Sad Puppy is awesome.

You have to understand, I'm not actually great with names to begin with, and I hadn't paid attention to basketball in a year, and the players move around too much to be able to read their shirts very well. So I generally have nicknames for most of the players based on what I remember about their appearance and/or behaviour.

Sad Puppy is actually named Tim Duncan, but even though I know that now I still sometimes call him Sad Puppy, because the thing that caught my attention and recollection about him is that he is always making these utterly tragic expressions.

I know he's just concentrating and serious, but seriously, he makes such tragic faces and I just always want to go and give him a hug. It's okay, Sad Puppy! You're really good at this! Don't be so sad, Sad Puppy!

The Spurs also have a number of other good and awesome players, of course. But secretly I probably wouldn't love them if not for Sad Puppy.

(Although the Spurs also, recently, let me vent my own residual national resentment. A player from the other team had been leaning hard into Genobili, who turned that into a foul that became a tech foul when the coach got enraged by it, iirc, by way of Genobili falling over. Basically, he took a dive. To which, of course, I said: "Well, of course he dived. He's Italian." Because I'm possibly not going to be over that until Fabio Grosso is stripped of citizenship, or something, even though I actually really like Genobili.)
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