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Oh, SPN fandom... There's something wrong with you. Jun. 18th, 2010 @ 10:10 am
At some point soon I need to write a squee post about Leverage, because at least some shows are actually awesome.

The latest round of fail has hit. Many people have commented, in detail and with eloquence; I don't have much to add that will be particularly new, I think, but... you know. If nothing else, I think the more voices in opposition to this kind of thing, the better.

I am bemused by this one, though. There's a mindset in play that I just don't understand - seeing tragedy, real tragedy, unfold and reacting with the thought that it's just an irresistably good background for a fanfic. The lack of empathy is astounding. The arrogance - thinking that she could do that, and do it in good taste, or is it just that it didn't occur to her to tread carefully at all? I don't understand.

Or does suffering just not count unless it happens to people like her?

Because try as I might to think the best of this, because I always want to think the best of people, I can't. Someone said, "Racism aside, it's just tacky." Which, it is, it is tacky as half-dried superglue but this racism is a stain that just won't come out. It seeps through the text - I looked - and it's woven too deep in the premise, because at the bottom of it all is that to her, the Haitians aren't people. They're props.

If they were people, this story couldn't exist, because it would be too riven with pain for the bright, shiny romance to come through at all.

There's just no excuse for that.
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