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So, the gig stand I got yesterday came with a warning that, if used for ongoing holding of an electric guitar, risks burning the polyurethane [edit:] nitro-cellulose lacquer [/edit] finish by reaction between the rubber and the finish.

So, I wrapped the rubber on the gig stand with paper tape I had in the house.

However, today I found that the paper had let glue through, which was marring my guitar.


So, I congratulated myself on my decision not to throw away some soft flannel pyjama pants that tore a few weeks ago, in case I needed rags. The guys at the guitar shop use pieces of cloth to protect the guitars. I cut pieces off one leg, and wrapped them around the supports. The tape is indeed tacky, and is holding it in place within reason, and I've got some safety pins (carefully placed to avoid touching the guitar ever) to hold them there as well, just so I don't have to worry about them falling off when I'm trying to put the guitar away.

A different piece of the soft cloth was also useful for polishing off the glue that was already on it.

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From:[personal profile] rainbow
Date: June 28th, 2009 04:32 pm (UTC)
Wooo! Flannel and Sami to the rescue!

(I reuse flannel from pjs and nightgowns for all kinds of things, from hankies to moonpads to bandages to rags, depending on what shape they're in.)
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