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May 30th, 2015 - 10:51 am
Yeah, the thing of, "Obviously you'll be doing it soon," that's not really okay for me. It was more just... so, hey, *eventually*... so here's the information you're going to want, because while you may well be married by then even so you're not going to want *infinite* kids, guys.

Our education on the Issues At Large also included a guest lecture by an HIV+ gentleman who explained much about the risks and why you don't want it... but he'd also been living with it for over a decade, so it was also, "Hey, people with HIV are still people and if, by some tragedy, you ever test positive yourself, don't just throw yourself off a bridge, okay?"

I think they hit a really good balance at my school, despite, you know, it being a very bogan government school, you know? It was just this really solid presentation of: no, really, right now just don't, you'll be much better off if you leave it... but when EVENTUALLY this becomes relevant to your life, THIS STUFF IS IMPORTANT OKAY here is the information.

They also seemed to pick the teachers who presented it quite well: it was always the thirty-something P.E. teachers, who were young enough to be able to deal with discussing sex with a bunch of teenagers, but old enough, well, to be able to deal with discussing sex with a bunch of teenagers.
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