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SPN Meta 1: Angels and Race May. 20th, 2010 @ 01:42 pm
Dean (as in, my Dean, not Dean Winchester) and I are gradually catching up on Supernatural season 5.

I have a whoooole bunch of thoughts on various topics building up, but some of them require a bunch more consideration before posting, and my thoughts aren't entirely coherent at the moment, since I've been running a considerable fever for about a week now.

So, category one: Angels and Race. I don't have conclusions on this one, just questions so far, trying to work out if they're running a theme.

Preliminary thoughts.

It's established that the ability to be a Vessel is a bloodline thing, inherited. Which means that a given angel's vessels are probably (especially if the Cupids are working those bloodlines) going to be all the same race - and none of the vessels so far have seemed to be mixed.

It's worth noting that there's probably whole posts about Supernatural and theology that I may well write, but not right now.

Slight spoilers on the angels who've made appearances below. )

So. The Vessels - so far - all seem to descend from Africa and Europe. This plays intriguingly into some theological questions, and I will, in fact, be actively disappointed if a Vessel shows up who's of Asian descent, because Asia was pretty much entirely untouched by the Judeo-Christian religions until really very recently, while the Middle East was for some centuries completely overtaken by Islam (and just as well, really, given how Christendom fell apart; who knows if the Dark Ages would have even ended if the Islamic world hadn't been holding on to science, learning and civilisation?).

Judeo-Christianity was Europe and northern Africa. It fits. (Enough that I really want Uriel's Vessel to be of at least partial Ethiopian descent.)

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