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And lo, the Essay Spam begins: Part one, Language May. 13th, 2009 @ 12:27 pm
I will, for the sake of the sanity of my readers, make the effort to edit this post, rather than adding new ones, however.

Usual practice: Notes are public, actual proper essay content is locked until after the essay is handed in. If people are interested, they can read the essay itself when it's complete (probably I'll just throw a PDF up). I'm pretty sure that I've granted access to everyone who's subscribed to me, now. Locked content tends to be either Very Personal stuff (although, since I've made a medium-grade effort to keep the hateful trolls who've made me reluctant to post in my own livejournal from knowing this one is here, middling-personal stuff will probably be reasonably open), fiction works in progress, and chunks of essays and the like; if you'd rather be dropped from access for easier filtering of my posts, let me know.

Anyway, essay. )

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An offering, with caveats: May. 11th, 2009 @ 09:54 am
So, about three years ago I promised someone - I now forget who - that I would share this when it was finished. I ended up not doing so, because I didn't get around to finding somewhere to put it online as a PDF, and I didn't want to try and fix up the formatting (with all the footnotes included, especially since endnotes make me cry in my special angry place) and it was all just too hard and then I got hit by a car a month after I handed this in.

Well, now I have proper webspace.

Here's the thing: I keep thinking to mention this, and then changing my mind, and now realising there's no reason not to.

In 2006, I wrote an essay about Star Trek. Specifically about Star Trek and history - the way history shaped Star Trek, and vice versa. The essay has major flaws - I didn't address the subject of women in Star Trek pretty much at all, and the writing is not my best, and it's several years old so I'm several years better at history now.

But people might be interested. So, on condition that people keep those caveats in mind: Series on the Edge of Forever: The Future History of Star Trek. PDF. Includes bibliography.

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