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My preference in narcotics Jan. 2nd, 2012 @ 09:18 am
So, prior times of major pain, I've been prescribed Panadeine Forte, a paracetemol/codeine mix. Which makes me loopy and pretty much high, because I am chemically sensitive and shit.

This time, I've been given Oxycontin. This is vastly, VASTLY better, because it just makes me sleepy and dopey. Mostly, it's safer.

Panadeine loopiness gets me all manic and IT WILL BE FINE, WHEE! about things. Oxycontin dopiness has me all sleepy and, "Uh, I don't think I can manage that safely, I'll stay here on the couch. zzzzz."

Apart from anything else, this is far less stressful for my loving friends and housemates.

For example, I wanted to put a DVD into my PS3. I decided that leaning down and reaching to do it was a little high-risk of losing my balance and falling, so I notified [personal profile] velithya of the situation and that I would appreciate her doing it for me when she has a chance. On the other drugs, she'd probably have had to be all "SAMI don't do that you're about to fall over" and have to yell at me over my protests until I stopped, and would probably have to interrupt her current activities to stop me.

An important part of integrating taking care of me into our household routines without being unfair to housemates is to maintain appropriate urgency levels. Changing the disk is not urgent and can wait until she's not busy doing something else; on OxyContin I recognise this and wait, rather than recognising that it's not urgent enough to interrupt her and therefore deciding to do it myself.


Also, so far, Oxycontin does not annihilate my short-term memory.

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