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How did you start your weekend? Sep. 25th, 2010 @ 10:27 am
Our house has two front doors, sort of.

One is off the driveway, and it's the one that's straight ahead when you come in off the street. It has a doorbell.

The other is off the garden. Finding it involves opening a gate (that's always closed), wandering down a path, around a couple of corners, and into a little alcove.

This one doesn't even open, there's stuff behind it.

Occasionally people go to this door. These people are almost always Jehovah's Witnesses.

This morning I noticed an insistent banging that sounded like it was at our house. I went downstairs, checked the door - no-one.

Then I thought, wait, there's another door...

Went outside, into the garden... oh look, people there.

Two older ladies, holding a stack of Watchtower magazines.

It's always fun to tell JWs that you're a Christian. They always say, "Oh good..." but there's this tiny look of wariness, too, because their best angles don't work.

"We encourage people to look in the Bible for answers, as to why bad things happen..."

"Yes, I do that. I'm a Christian."

These ones were canny. They asked me about my favourite part of Scripture.

"Well, the Sermon on the Mount is pretty hard to top."

We then had a bit of a discussion about the writings of Paul and why I feel justified in dismissing them. (Summary: As a Christian, I feel bound to give honour and respect to the teachings of Christ; Paul, not so much, particularly considering the cultural context in which he wrote, with reference to the Christian abandonment of the prohibitions of Leviticus.)

(And if you are citing Leviticus against homosexuality or anything else you personally disapprove of, I will in fact call you a hypocrite if you wear shirts of mixed fibres or shave. Just so you know.)

I won, by the way.

We also chatted extensively about history, travel, and suchlike things, which was really quite pleasant.

Eventually one of them said they had to go because they had friends working with them this morning. They departed without even trying to give me a pamphlet.

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