sami: (seriously)
2017-04-19 11:44 am

how to know you are a jerk

Gentleman just stopped by our door with a petition about stronger reinforcement of the parking regulations in our area.

(We live in an inner suburb with lots of shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, and a stadium, and parking, unsurprisingly, sucks, because parking here would pretty much suck no matter how much parking there was.)

Apparently on his street it's fairly common that people even park across his driveway.

Seriously, people parking where they shouldn't is already pretty annoying around here, but that's just not okay anywhere ever.

We've once or twice had someone *half*-block ours, which was also super-annoying, but iirc we could sort of get around them because our driveway and next door's driveway form a sort of double-driveway that let us get around - narrowly - as the people next door were, at that precise time, out.

When my family lived a couple of doors down from the guy who won the Christmas lights competition (which creates massive, massive traffic snarls in the vicinity at Christmas-time and is also rather annoying) we once had someone park across our driveway, but at least we could go find the thoughtless individual who'd done it in the crowd and ask them oh-so-politely to move.