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June 4th, 2017 - 03:28 pm
I used to hate it with a passion beyond words. Now I'm more-or-less at "grudging acceptance", but it's ambiguous and consequently bothersome to me.

I'm forever in love with language and I hate things that diminish nuance and accuracy.

We've already lost so much as standards have declined. If someone says, for example, "It's kind of weird that Sami is the one that's so obsessive about this," that's going to bother me, because it should be the one who; "that" is for animals and inanimate objects. Once upon a time you could read someone for filth with just word choice.

So it sort of fits that I can't really like something which introduces singular/plural ambiguity.

I mean, fundamentally, the thing about me is that I have the soul of an arch-conservative, I really do. I want things to stay the same, I want STANDARDS to be UPHELD.

I live my life as a lefty progressive because I hate injustice and unfairness and all of that, and I seethe with resentment at reactionaries because goddammit stop being awful and fix all of this and then we can stop having to change things.

Accordingly, I do get kind of hung up on some of these things. If nothing else, language issues are where, allowing for having studied too much linguistics to be purely prescriptivist, my inner arch-conservative can just glare at the world and hiss like an angry cat about standards and how it's just better the slightly old-fashioned way.
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