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Experimental Cooking Adventures Jun. 9th, 2009 @ 10:56 pm
Me, from the kitchen: "I'm going to try something that may be an offence against God and Man. We'll see."
Housemate.Dave: "Does it involve kiwi fruit chocolate custard?"
Me: "No, just plain chocolate... but I have some whipping cream to make tasty treats for tomorrow, but I won't need all of it, so I'm going to try adding some cream and making whipped chocolate custard cream."

slightly late


So what I did was, I started out making thickish vanilla custard, using gluten-free custard powder. Then I added a smallish chunk of milk chocolate, stirred it through, and took it off heat. Left the saucepan a couple of minutes, then added a little more cold milk, stirred that through (custard was now lumpy, but that's fine because of later stages), transferred it to a mixing bowl, added some whipping cream, and whipped it but good. (Which makes it fluffy AND smooths out the lumps.)

The lukewarm result is delicious. I've put most of it into two cups and put those in the fridge to chill overnight. Tomorrow I shall offer Nic Whipped Chocolate Custard Cream Mousse.


Also, another Conversation with Dave:

Me: What are you playing? That guy is familiar.
Dave: Devil May Cry 4.
Me: Who is he?
Dave: Dante.
Me: ... I think I've seen him cosplayed.
Dave: Probably.

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Because it's been a while since actual content... Jun. 5th, 2009 @ 01:04 pm
OK, first thing: I cannot recommend highly enough keeping a roll of black electrical tape in your house. I have MacGyver tendencies and I love to work them.

Reason I originally bought my electrical tape: Damage to the coating of a power cord I didn't want to replace, and so instead sealed with electrical tape.

Subsequent uses I've found for it:

- Repairing a damaged (black) music stand. The stand no longer collapses, but that's fine - I don't need to travel with it, and what it DOES still do is "be a music stand".

- Holding together, and discreetly in place, the pocket triangles for the suits of the groom and groomsmen at Chas and Dean's wedding. Their suits were black, so the black tape was easier to make invisible, while firmly holding the pocket triangles in place, when they were really reluctant to do that before (especially the groom's, since his suit had a false pocket.) And sticky tape isn't sticky enough for just about anything other than gift-wrapping.

At some point I will deconstruct one of those pocket triangles and post pictures, because, seriously, in the end they required an amazing amount of tape, both sticky and electrical. (Part of the problem: The fabric pieces were themselves slightly too small to work easily.)

- Emergency substitute knee brace.

No, really. Oddly, the medical fabric-type tape usually used for this kind of thing gives me a hideous rash, but electrical tape doesn't. Some tape wound tight around my bad knee reduced the pain substantially in an emergency when I couldn't use my actual brace.

- Decorative markings on my Tape Box.

I had a sturdy cardboard box that was doing duty as a bedside table. I decided to make it prettier and sturdier, and wrapped the whole thing in silver duct tape, which I then gave a better-defined appearance by judicious marking with black electrical tape, because I'm just that cool.

It's also entirely possible I'm going to be "hemming" some jeans with electrical tape later, because I'm getting sick of treading on my cuffs. Of course, I am reminded of my mother's tale of a guy she knew when she was about my age, who hemmed his trousers with a stapler. She rolled her eyes hard at him and then made him watch her redo them properly so he could do better in future.

Me, I like being inventive about solutions to problems, so I think stapled cuffs would be cool.

... I was going to post something other than an advocacy of electrical tape (I do have duct tape too, but electrical has benefits duct does not, really it does), but I have to leave in five minutes to go see my endocrinologist. (For, we hope, some answers regarding this aggravating hypoglycaemia crap. Although I may poke him about the HEY SUP WITH THIS OTHER STUFF THAT I MENTIONED LAST TIME AND YOU KIND OF IGNORED issue.)

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