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Fandom Is Terrible At Everything: Person of Interest edition Feb. 11th, 2013 @ 05:01 pm
So, [personal profile] velithya and I watched the first two episodes of Person of Interest. I'm kind of undecided on it, still - my summary would be "a bit pretentious, but it has potential" - but I did randomly look at a fic a friend had bookmarked, because it was by a reliably good writer from other fandoms.

... and I could not, could not get into it, because it featured Reese throwing Harold down onto a couch, quite carelessly and mildly roughly, and seriously? Unless events happen in subsequent episodes that seriously alter Harold's "visibly injured" status, hell no.

Harold limps. That was noted in the fic, so that's something. But Harold *also* can't turn his head. When he looks around, he twists his shoulders awkwardly, holding his neck stiff. I don't know what the injuries were that he received between flashbacks and now, but the way he moves suggests fused vertebra(e)/past broken neck and no, I don't think getting thrown around, even onto a couch, is going to be something that a person who cares at all about him, or isn't actively trying to cause him pain, should do.

So, bah.
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