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We worked it out... Jul. 21st, 2011 @ 08:31 am
The real reason why that idiot attacking Rupert Murdoch with a "foam pie" was disgusting?

Cultural preconditioning.

Rupert Murdoch is an old man. Comparitively frail and weakened by his years. Accordingly, decency declares him off-limits for physical assault.

He's still mentally competent, and he has a vast media empire at his command, so you can say whatever the hell you want about or to Rupert Murdoch, and that's fine. Criticising him is laudable.

But physical assault? He's off-limits. There are things that are Done, and things that are Not Done, and men in their twenties attacking elderly men is Not Done.

In contrast, a young man assaulting James Murdoch with a foam pie would be kind of hilarious. Because James Murdoch is not only a full-on toolbag, but he's young enough to be fair game for that kind of thing.

Meanwhile, regardless of what you may think of her or her family, Wendi smacking the guy in the face and then hitting him with his own stupid plate? Will always be awesome. She's about half his size and nearly twice his age, and if security hadn't intervened I'm pretty sure she would have kicked his ass.
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