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Oh dear, it is a spammy day May. 11th, 2009 @ 12:45 pm
Hmm, I really need to take my second dose of ADHD meds...

Meanwhile: Song rec! What About Us, John Barrowman. I like the song, and it totally needs to be vidded, preferably for Kamen Rider Kabuto no really, but I also like the clip it has, because:

a) John Barrowman is pretty

b) The standard couple imagery is... really quite amazing, for a music video. It has two couples, split-screened as they go through an identical Troubled Relationship storyline. One of the couples is a white man and a brown-skinned woman who's not being all submissive or treated as a sex object even slightly. The other couple is two men. In a music video! Music videos are the great bastion of heteronormative iconography and misogyny and racism and homophobia... except John Barrowman makes the world a better place.
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