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Miscellany Jun. 26th, 2009 @ 05:44 pm
Housemate.Dave is playing Persona 4. Category: Games I Should Never, Ever Play, by the looks of things.

In addition to it being creepy in ways that might be problematic for me, he was playing for over an hour and his interaction with the game had amounted to occasionally making dialogue choices, and later one of the characters was at risk of wetting his pants. It took over two hours to get to the first fight scene.

Also, the English-language voice acting is hideously bad, especially since the characters' names are still Japanese and some of the voice actors have trouble pronouncing them...

I, today, am watching Jeeves and Wooster (note for people as likely to find this fact as nifty as I do: the Pirate Bay version has it with subtitles for the hearing impaired), practicing some music (I learned to play tonic triad scales in C on the piano, from Chas, and am working on guitar scales as well), and in general staying calm.

Michael Jackson has died. This makes me a little sad, but in some ways a little relieved, I think, because at least people will leave him alone now, and he will be beyond his problems.

I've always felt sorry for him. I've never really believed he did the bad things he was accused of, to be honest; I don't think it was in him. He was obsessed with children, yes, but not in that way - it seemed more like he'd been deprived of any kind of real childhood himself, and was forever trying to recapture it. Hence Neverland. Hell, hence Moonwalker.

The surgery, the obsessions, the general bizarre behaviour - he was a man in desperate need of therapy and possibly psychiatric help, and it broke my heart that no-one ever seemed willing to make that intervention. He was rich and famous and somehow that meant that people just let things slide no matter what. Until his talent was largely wasted and his reputation destroyed. If he did do the things he was accused of doing... he still needed help, too, because I don't at all believe he could have done that and known better. He was an incredibly damaged person.

It's a bit like Elvis, in some ways. That boy needed an intervention, too, but nobody was willing to step in and up.

So, that's that. Not least because I got distracted. I went and looked for Jeeves and Wooster fic, and came across one of my pettest of pet hates: people not understanding old money. Even people who've otherwise tried hard on their Britishisms, even people who are British, get this stuff wrong, and it drives me mildly nuts.

In this instance, the author's error was referring to "two ten-bob notes" as being equal to "twenty pounds". Which, no. A bob is a shilling. A ten-bob note is ten shillings. Two ten-bob notes is twenty shillings, or one pound. The slang term for a pound is a quid, but that's largely a lower-class term. (And, to cover another error I've seen on many occasions: a guinea is one pound one shilling, or twenty-one shillings.) A crown is five shillings, a half-crown is two shillings sixpence, or two-and-six. Tuppence is two pence, I've even seen someone get that wrong. There are twelve pence to the shilling.

Other than that, I liked it, mind you.

I shall have to read some of the books. I've long meant to, and Project Gutenberg has at least some of them.
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