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pretend we're still on LJ for this, because I'm whining Mar. 2nd, 2013 @ 09:25 pm
So tonight Sharon Needles is performing at Connections, IN PERTH. [personal profile] velithya is there, with someone named Melody, and not with me. She was GOING to go with me, except I HAVE A COLD. And somehow I don't think walking around Northbridge, then seeing a show in a nightclub where it will be all loud and crowded, is going to help with my constant headache. Or wooziness. Or tiredness.

So now I'm GOING TO BED INSTEAD OF BEING AT THIS SHOW I REALLY WANTED TO BE AT, because I got a stupid cold and it's probably [personal profile] velithya's fault ANYWAY because I probably caught my cold at the doctor's office when I DROVE HER TO THE DOCTOR'S ON MONDAY, because she is a JERK with her STUPID VERTIGO that she had, and basically, SHE SUCKS AND EVERYTHING SUCKS BECAUSE I WAS REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS AND NOW I CAN'T GO BECAUSE I HAVE A COLD.

And I really just want to throw a tantrum at, I don't know, the universe.

(For the record: [personal profile] velithya wasn't going to go, because I was all sad about not going, but I told her that she should and I wouldn't be annoyed with her. Obviously, she's still a faithless betrayer and a terrible friend and this Melody, whom I've have never met but assume is perfectly lovely, is an evil, friend-stealing bitch. But see above, re: tantrum. Also, Melody isn't going to the USA with [personal profile] velithya this October, now is she?)

Current Mood: disappointed

Building a better anonymousetrap Oct. 31st, 2010 @ 06:23 am
I'm beginning to be profoundly irritated by anonymous commenters.

Wait, first, let me get this out of the way:


Okay, moving on.

I'm beginning to be profoundly irritated by anonymous commenters.

Particularly the ones who then complain if their comments get lumped in with those of a different anonymous commenter; if you want to be treated as an individual, sign your comments. Even if it's just a for-that-post-only, not-linkable-to-you random identity tag. Not signing your comments at all, in any way, more or less shows that you already know you're in the wrong, and you don't want to own your cowardice or your wrongness.

I'm also severely annoyed by people who make snotty objections to things anonymously when one comment above the thing they just objected to is a response to an identical objection.

Mostly, though, it's just the anonymous cowards in general. If you're going to say it, own it, or shut the hell up.
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