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I want this place to exist anyway Oct. 8th, 2011 @ 02:31 pm
So, I've got an idea/wistful wish for what I want to Do: Open a shop. A very particular kind of shop, though.

It would sell art supplies - the solid range like Jackson's sell, for dabblers and students and artists, and would also go for the qualified staff hiring they do. Maybe a few more esoteric things, and a well-publicised policy of ordering things for people if they want them and we don't stock it. Staff would be artists, knowledgeable and interested, etc.

Where my shop would be different would be the extra section. A studio space, with easels, drawing tables, and good lighting, where, for a low monthly membership fee, customers could work. (For another, also very low unless their artwork was huge or something, fee, we would store art while they weren't working on it if they wished.) The membership fee would be fairly nominal, intended basically to keep it from being too cluttered with randoms and to give us an easy access mechanism to be revoked if people made a mess.

The profit factor in having the studio space would come chiefly from the fact that people who were working there would be awfully likely to buy everything for their art from us, and maybe be inspired to try things they might otherwise not, because it was all right there.

We could also run classes and things, using the studio space, and make money from people attending those. (Including extra sales, from their getting into new stuff, and also, core materials would be supplied as part of tuition fees, but we're not going to stop people going in whatever direction they want if they want to buy extra stuff.)

In a corner of the studio area, I'd have my desk, with computer and my own art stuff. So I could supervise the studio, or go help out if we were busy in the shop or something, and also do my own thing.

One day I want to do this.

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