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Load a god complex, cock it and pull it... Dec. 5th, 2010 @ 03:17 pm
I need more icons. This requires me getting around to making them, though. And when I'm feeling creative I keep doing other things lately...

Things of the moment:

Today is my day for feeling abandoned.

I'm losing my will to engage with certain people, because there's "calling people on legitimately bad behaviour", and then there's "being a judgemental ass", and if you're over in category two, I just don't have the energy to do more than roll my eyes right now.

Especially since a lot of it could basically be summarised with: "Someone doing something you don't want to do is not a :violation of your rights:, even if they're doing it where you can see it/hear it/whatever."

Maybe you hate Fall Out Boy. If I drive past you in a car with the windows down and loud Fall Out Boy playing in my car at 2pm on a Tuesday, that will qualify as annoying. I am not infringing your rights.

Maybe you hate fireworks. This does not mean you magically acquire the right to object to Diwali fireworks displays. There are fireworks. Deal with it, princess. Shutting down a Diwali celebration because people don't like fireworks, don't like lights, or don't like Hindus would be an infringement of their rights.

(I'm ambivalent about the degree to which the general illegality of fireworks in Australia is wrong, because on the one hand, I believe people should be able to celebrate their religious festivals, but on the other hand, I believe bushfires are a bad thing, and fireworks are kind of high-risk to let loose in the community...)

Unless you can demonstrate a way in which other people's religious festivals actually cause you harm, then regardless of whether you dislike the festival or the religion, we return to deal with it, princess.

(And no, "it upsets me" doesn't count. To return to our Diwali example, the community should be notified that there will be fireworks, so that people who, say, are deeply upset by loud noises can take appropriate action to prepare/protect themselves. However, someone being around who is upset by loud noises doesn't get to have to the fireworks stopped entirely, because shut the hell up if you don't get this.)

Don't even get me started on the topic of hating on Christmas celebrations. Me, I kinda hate Christmas. It's depressing. It's like an event designed to make people with small families, dysfunctional families or no family at all feel as acutely miserable as possible. And it's two weeks after my birthday, which means that trying to celebrate my birthday gets aggravatingly tricky - everyone has "Christmas parties" and nobody cares about individuals' birthdays at this time of year.

I don't like Christmas.

However, trying to stop everyone else enjoying Christmas would make me a jerk.

So, accordingly, I shall conclude this rather dyspeptic post with the following sentiment:

I hope that all of you reading this experience joy this December, however you should spend it, and with whomever you spend it. I hope you are loved and feel it. I hope you are happy, at least some of the time.

If the other festivals don't float your personal boat (or even if they do), I encourage you to celebrate this Friday, the 10th. Have cake, or some other delicious treat, if you can, and have it in a spirit of joy and self-indulgence. If anyone questions you, dismiss their questioning outright, because it will be my birthday, and I will readily proclaim that everyone should feel entitled to some sort of treat on my birthday.

My brother is the Solid Snake of Cake Dec. 10th, 2009 @ 09:02 pm
So it turns out that reeeaaally late at night, after I went to bed, until *10am* before he could put it in the fridge, Chas stayed up and baked a cake for my birthday, which he then HID in the fridge (hiding the box behind cheese and yoghurt and stuff), and then sneakily iced it while our friend Oliver was here to distract me with chat while Chas was in the kitchen an otherwise-suspiciously long time.

So there was SURPRISE CAKE! Because my official Birthday Deliciousness is chocolate mousse.

Then Olly left, and we all chilled for a bit before loading Band Hero. Four instruments, four people in the house - for the couple of songs before dinner was ready, I was on guitar, Chas on drums, Dave on bass and Dean was rocking the mic.

By "rocking" I mean that the rest of us were playing on difficulties from "beginner" to "easy" and Dean was singing Expert and scored better than us. *cough*

It's time to celebrate your birthday, it happens every year... Dec. 10th, 2009 @ 02:15 pm
It's mah birfday!

Not a big deal to most people, but you know, I've had a hell of a year so I'm trying to feel special about it and look optimistically at being 29.

I bought myself a present - Band Hero! I wanted drums, because part of what's letting me down with my attempts to learn (real) guitar is my sense of rhythm. This will help, and will Make Learning Fun.

(I'm kind of terrible at it. To check whether we had screen lag letting us down, Dean tried it out. It did turn out that we had a 3ms audio lag.)

It came with Guitar Hero: World Tour and I bought Guitar Hero: Metallica. (What I want to come out: Band Hero: Queen. FOR REALS.)

Obviously it also has potential for having fun with others, but I find it's best not to rely on other people's joining in for prospective joy in something - free time and inclinations may not align as you might hope. Whereas I have good feelings about it helping me with my ability to pick up rhythm and to translate rhythm in movement.

I'm also making sure to keep practicing with my real guitar, because I have no illusions that Guitar Hero will somehow make my ability to play a genuine instrument improve. (And, hey, I have a genuine Gibson Les Paul Studio less than ten feet away from me right now that I own and that is beautiful, feels good to hold and play, and that I went through quite a lot of trouble to restring recently. Why wouldn't I play it?)
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