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I have decided Apr. 25th, 2013 @ 06:45 am
For the sake of peace of mind, I think I've decided to conclude that the anonymous comment calling me a bully was a random troll.

Because it has been rather bothering me, and I have no idea who it could possibly be otherwise. Discussing it with my housemates, the people who've shared my daily life for something like the last five years (and been my friends for far longer), we have come up with not a single plausible candidate - we had one vague idea for someone who might think I'm a bully based on an incident about six or seven years ago, but she's Australian, and the IP is American. (Also, I don't think she's likely to be obsessively still following my journal, and seriously, I haven't spoken to her since that incident.)

All pending further information, obvs, but in addition to really not liking the idea that I've hurt someone that badly at all, I find it difficult to imagine that it's possible to bully someone without even being aware of any kind of pattern of negative interaction with them.
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