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And I think to myself... what a wonderful world. Oct. 29th, 2010 @ 02:00 am
This is a thing of beauty.

So Machine of Death is an anthology of short stories, by a range of people, based on the concept of a machine that will tell you, cryptically but accurately, how you will die.

It's based off a Dinosaur Comic.

Yes, really.

And because it was rejected by published and so was entirely an indie project, their big marketing gambit was to try and get people to buy it on the 26th of October from Amazon, so that, just for a day, it would be Amazon's #1 bestseller.

It worked. For that alone I am proud that I am one of the people who ordered it that day - in fact, I ordered two, but the second one is housemate.Dave's. (Why order separately when you live in the same house, etc.)

But the best part?

Glenn Beck is really bitter.

Because, as it turns out, his latest book was released on Tuesday, and apparently his books always debut at #1, except this time, it came THIRD. Behind Keith Richards's autobiography and Machine of Death.

This ABC news piece notes that while the book had dropped places, it was still ahead of the Grisham that debuted that day.

Truly. The world is not bereft of joy.

Meanwhile, in video games: Fallout: New Vegas is lots of fun and Super Scribblenauts is causing me to receive e-mails that say only CARNIVOROUS ROBOT ZOMBIE HAMSTER, which is maintaining the awesomeness of, well, everything.

In which things work out well for a change. Aug. 3rd, 2010 @ 08:46 am
So, last week, I discovered that I was almost out of ADHD medication. (They can be deceptive, because there'll still be lots of pills in the bottle, the thing being that I take seven of them per day.) I knew I was out of refills, just the last few weeks have been kind of overwhelming, and actually the ideal time to make an appointment to see my ADHD-meds-prescribing psychiatrist would have been about two months ago, when I was knocked flat by severe bronchitis.

My nice psychiatrist, it turns out, is retiring in the next few months, so seeing him would be a less-than-optimal plan, because he couldn't give me my subsequent prescriptions. Also, changing my prescriber would require deregistering with the other one and registering with him... huge hassle.

So I called my other psychiatrist.

Aaand his office was closed until yesterday.

Well, as we say, dicks.

So I cut down on my ADHD meds (thus spending the last week severely undermedicated, which has complications and problems of its own), and was set to call yesterday morning.

Which I did, despite being, at the time, kind of freaked out and distressed and upset, because hey, when making the argument for no really I just need to see him for a new prescription any time you can squeeze me in please being a little upset can help, especially if, like me, you have a chronic tendency to underplay your problems when talking to doctors.

"We have a cancellation today, if you want that..."
"Yes. Please. What time?"
"Two thirty."
"I'll be there."

Which was awesome, but it turns out they had no record of my last referral. Argh!

Soooo, I called my doctor's office. The receptionist seemed a bit lost, but a few minutes later I got a call back from Paula, my Awesome Doctor, who told me that she couldn't give me a referral without seeing me, but come on in and she'd squeeze me in as soon as she could.

Off to her office. Chilled in the waiting room for a few minutes playing Sudoku on my DSi, then she called me in, I got the referral, and finally started to relax a tiny bit, although I wasn't really looking forward allll that much to my psych appointment.

Still, went off to that too, and got the prescription, and I even have an appointment set already for December, to get my next one.

Apparently? Sometimes things can actually work out fine.
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