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Sami ([personal profile] sami) wrote2017-05-08 12:32 pm

In which, not for the first time, the true problem is academia-speak and prissiness

There's this minor kerfuffle happening over a feminist scholar who's generally pro-trans etc who's now upset people by talking about "biological sex" and "male genitalia".

Since she apparently isn't sincerely awful, it seems to me that her real problem is an apparent fear of using words like "penis". While "male genitalia" is kind of a loaded term, "penis" really isn't, if what you're talking about is, in fact, to do with the conceptual penis.

(Note to the vast majority of bird species: look, don't even, I don't want to talk about your cloacas right now. This is a human conversation, okay? And while not all human males have a penis, and not all humans with a penis are male, I'm not aware of any human in existence with a cloaca, and it's just not about you right now.)

Birds, man. Birds.
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"Begins with a p and ends with s....prissiness? Piss? Prentiss?"