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I am behind again on reading, and yet, all about reading Aug. 26th, 2014 @ 07:34 am
[personal profile] seperis made fascinating and entertaining post partly about learning to read and phonics.

It reminded me of primary school, and reading classes, and all the things I found confusing about them at the time.

Not the reading part. I don't actually remember learning to read. To me it always seemed kind of ridiculously, intuitively obvious - I'd learned the alphabet, the letters had sounds associated, but make different sounds under these circumstances, so why are we still talking about this and why are the rest of you reading things out so slowly?

I vaguely remember a sort of frustrated irritation, though, because when we started going over the alphabet in year one we were doing letter sounds instead of letter names, and I thought it was silly and vaguely insulting. "Ah buh kuh duh eh fuh guh..." WHAT IS THIS DO YOU THINK I AM STUPID. "Ay bee see dee ee eff gee." I AM FIVE, I AM NOT A CONCUSSED SQUIRREL.

So reading "systems" like phonics confuse me, because they seem like a good way to lead kids astray in some ways, because... that's not how English works.

But I am a terrible person to work out how other people should learn to read, because I never really "learned" at all.
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