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Sami ([personal profile] sami) wrote2014-06-15 03:21 pm
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mid-June resolution

I will not murder the new neighbours just for spending six hours drilling into the walls of the building (the same building I live in, it's a townhouse)

nor will I firebomb their house, even though they're not living in it yet

because then they'd start over with their bloody, bloody renovations

All the previous drilling, it turns out, is because the bath tub was concreted in, and they were removing that, and all the tiles, and also the floor tiles all over.

Today they're removing a couple of walls.

They're also going to be moving the location of their front door, apparently.

And installing timber floors throughout the house.

And putting in an entirely new kitchen. (And bathroom, presumably.)

I'm sure it's going to be very nice and the policemen will be very admiring when they come to do forensics when I MURDER THEM and they seem like charming people, just.

Drilling. All the drilling. It vibrates the whole building.

On the bright side, my bedroom is one of the very few rooms in our house that doesn't actually share a wall with theirs, so if they have an attack of stupid and break through the wrong wall, *my* room will be okay.

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