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Goodbye, LJ (by trolls, for themselves), hello DW (by fans, for everyone)... Sep. 19th, 2010 @ 08:53 am
Crossposting to LJ from my journal is going to be coming to an end, I think.

LJ's been getting more and more problematic, and now you have this business with LJ staff members trolling the users, and I also just found out (because I don't really follow LJ drama very closely) about this business with staff members reading, commenting on, and then altering someone's locked post a few months ago, and... no.

Just no.

So I'm going to be deleting a lot of my past entries, I think - they're all archived on Dreamwidth anyway - and (finally!) getting around to adding all the people I used to read on LJ before I got reluctant to log on to the site at all to my DW reading list.

If you want to keep reading my journal and aren't on Dreamwidth, I think you can add an RSS feed; you can definitely follow the RSS feed of my Proper Blog, which I will be endeavouring to post to anyway.

If you want access to locked posts (and I have you friended on LJ already), comment on the DreamWidth copy of this post with OpenID and I'll give you access.

If you want to get a Dreamwidth account of your own and need an invitation, drop me a comment, I have lots.

If you're one of the anti-DW crowd... I don't get why? But that's okay, I'm just... I've been uncomfortable for some time with the idea of giving LiveJournal money, which is one thing, but I've now become uncomfortable with the idea of giving LJ content.

So I'm done. Thanks, LJ, for nearly a decade of keeping up with and making friends, but you're not what you were when I started. You gave my best friend malware, your ads can be horrifying, and your staff members cover up for each other's bad behaviour - which itself crosses the line from "grossly unprofessional" to "wow, you're just a bad person now". I've lost count of the strikes. You're out.
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