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Invitations... Sep. 13th, 2010 @ 12:58 pm
So, I have invitations available for things.

1) Dreamwidth:

I have lots. Lots. Comment here if you want one; if you want one and I don't know you, at all, even slightly, that's okay, but I'm more likely to get past my "Wait, what? Who is this person how did they what?" moment and actually send you one if you mention how it is you came across my journal and my invitations offer. (As in, I will be pretty much guaranteed to do so, whereas if it's totally random-seeming I get all disconcerted and yet never get around to replying to your comment to ask, historically.)

If you know someone who wants one, also feel free to send 'em over, just, see previous paragraph!

If LJ keeps getting more and more creepy/evil, I may kill mine altogether. Note to self: Time to get around to adding LJ-people you actually want to read to Dreamwidth reading list.

2) AO3:

This has invitations? I don't know if I ever knew that. Anyway, I have one available. As I only have one, I'd prefer to give this to someone I know.

Also, clearly, I should start putting my stuff there. So many services on which I'm behind in that kind of thing...

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