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June 15th, 2009 - 07:01 am
Thank you for your reply. I apologise absolutely that this post hurt you. I left it public because I don't want to try to pretend my failures didn't happen, or anything, but I was really hoping it wouldn't get linked, as it apparently has, for this very reason; I recognise that I was wrong, and this will hurt people, and I deeply, deeply did not want that to happen.

I am open to hearing anything you want to say, regarding your reactions to this post and disagreements with what I've said. I really appreciate your willingness to engage on this subject, and I'd seriously love to talk about this, either in comments or by e-mail (sonnlich/at/gmail/dot/com). (E-mail offer because extended conversations via comment thread can get annoying, totally up to you though.)

I'm doing much better emotionally than I was when I posted this, in general, and - without wanting to trip over the tone argument, here - since you're offering to explain and all, I can handle some criticism when it's constructive.

To be clear on terms: I can handle being told I'm wrong when you can tell me why and give me tips on how I can be less wrong in the future. "OMFG"-type reactions, and "I really can't discuss this with you" (which I got via chat from someone else) don't turn me off the topic, but it's not a vein in which I can continue conversation. My bailing on this post was largely a matter of recognising that I'd gone wrong, but that discussion of my wrongness was until that point going exactly nowhere.

If you decide you can't continue the conversation with me... well, I'll have failed even harder, most likely, but that's okay. I won't decide it's just Not Worth Caring because no-one's willing to teach me, I'll still try to learn on my own in my own fumbling, fail-beset way.
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