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June 15th, 2009 - 06:43 am
The BADD entry you refer to is mine, this entry: BADD: randomness. To quickly summarise it: At the moment I am prevented from learning sign language -- the language that is rightfully mine and which I have been denied by people who prioritise written and spoken language above sign language and do not recognise it as valid and intuitive means of communication in its own right -- by my other disabilities. The more general topic of my post was on the intersection of disabilities and identity.

That is what I said. What you read is apparently something very different.

I am willing to talk to you about my entry and my perspective and how you have misrepresented it here, and the disconnect therein, when we, particularly you, have the spoons to do so. I'm afraid my take will be critical in some parts, particularly regarding the assumptions you made about what I said/deaf people in general/deaf culture/etc. in earlier comments, and while I appreciate your desire to help the lack that you percieve, I am critical of your response, and your motivation, it for reasons which I will explain if, again, you want me to and are in a place where you can hear it without undue risk to yourself -- I do not want to harm you at all, merely explain that you might understand.

If you do want to hear it, I will do my best to be gentle and answer your questions in full, but this post and your comments hurt me very deeply and I may fail to be evenhanded, and I apologise in advance.

With those caveats, the offer is there.

(deleted and reposted for HTML fail; sorry!)
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