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June 7th, 2009 - 02:38 pm
This... really reads as incredibly paternalistic to me.

Essentially, it reads like, despite there having been d/Deaf people around for centuries, who have a vested interest in making their communications as easy and fluid for themselves as possible, a large number of hearing folks are going to get together and "solve" a problem for them - a problem that may or may not exist for a large number of d/Deaf people.

I also think it ignores the existence of ASL poetry and ABC stories, and jokes This is a culture that has traditions around communication and the like. Just ones that aren't widely acknowledged by the mainstream.

Other than one post by one d/Deaf person, I'm not even sure how much reading you've done on the history of deaf communication, or even the rather painful history of "Let's save the d/Deaf people".
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